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A Summer’s Day

by Jon Fosse
Producție a Teatrului Academic al Națiunii Tătare Kamal, Kazan, Rusia

Tuesday, October 15, 20.30
Odeon Theater, Great Hall

A Summer’s Day by Jon Fosse

Directed by: Farid Bikchantatyev

Set design by: Bulat Ibragimov

Cast: Khamitova Lyutsiya, Faizullina Leysan, Vazieva (Kayumova) Alsu, Khamadinurova Gulchachak, Garaev Almaz, Zakirov Ilnur

Running time: 1 hr 40 mins (no interval)

Produced by Tatar National Academic Theater Kamal, Kazan, Rusia


The story is a simple one – the main female character relives moments of her youth, trying to understand what was it that made her husband disappear from her life, but more profound things are hidden there and the actors go beyond the surface. The theme song of the performance is the overlapping of temporal planes – the inevitability of life and the fast changes. The woman’s fate is perfectly expressed by the hardships the other characters run into, the conversations with her friends turning into interior monologues that become a dialogue with herself. Given the stage director’s approach, Fosse’s poetical dimension is present in the search for the truth, a process that turns out to be more important than finding the answer.