Jury - FESTin pe Bulevard





The Jury for the Crisis of Femininity Section


Doina Modola

She is a literary and a theater critic, an essayist and a contributor to specialized magazines. She is the recipient of The Special Prize for Theater Book, awarded by the International Association of Theater Critics in 1999, and of the UNITER Lifetime Achievement Award in 2007. She is a member of Romanian Writers’ Union (Cluj Chapter) and IATC.ro.


Oltița Cîntec

Oltița Cîntec is PhD in Theatre Studies, president of IATC.RO, associate professor at Iasi George Enescu National University of Arts, artistic manager at Iași Luceafarul Theatre. She wrote several books on theatre studies and recent history of scenic arts, and signed many studies and articles for important academic and cultural magazines in Romania and abroad.


Irina Ionescu

She is a theatrologist. She has been working in cultural management for more than 15 years. She is currently the director of The General Department for Programs at Diplomatic Missions and Historic Communities at the Romanian Cultural Institute. Since 2013 she has been a lecturer at the University of the Arts in Târgu-Mureş. She is the general secretary of the International Theater Critics Association, IATC – Theatrology, and a member of The Romanian Association of Theatre Artists – UNITER. She publishes theater reviews, interviews and articles in newspapers such as The Daily (Cotidianul) and Free Romania (Romania Liberă) and in magazines such as Theater Today (Teatrul Azi), The Stage.ro (Scena.ro), The Old Dilemma (Dilema Veche) and The Cultural Observer (Observator Cultural).


Emil Boroghină

He is an actor and a stage director, a president of The Shakespeare Cultural Foundation and a former manager of The Marin Sorescu National Theater in Craiova. He is the director of The Shakespeare International Festival. A laureate of the Romanian Academy, he is also the recipient of the UNITER Excellence Award and the British Council Best Theater Manager Award.


Claudiu Groza

He is a theatre critic, as well as a literary critic and a journalist. He graduated Babeș-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca. He has been working in the field for 25 years, writing (a lot of) articles and publishing books and studies such as Theatre Science Studies (Caiet de teatrologie), The Bibliography Computer (Computerul cu bibliografii), Armchair Globtrotter (Globetrotter din fotoliu). He was a member in various theatre and literary juries and saw hundreds of performances. He is the curator of The New Theatre International Festival in Arad and an editor of Tribuna, a cultural magazine.




Secțiunea competitivă Multiart EXIT

Multiart EXIT Competitive Section


Andreia Bârsan

A theater critic, a graduate of theatrology studies, she has been an editor with Radio România București FM since 1998. She has also been a contributor to television cultural programs and to the important events organized by theaters in Bucharest, such as Fest(in) on the Boulevard, the Festival of the Union of Theaters in Europe and FESCO.


Mircea M. Ionescu

A playwright, theater reviewer and essayist, he is a member of the Writers’ Union, and of the Foreign Press Association in New York. A theater manager, journalist, analyst of the Romanian and foreign cultural phenomenon, he has been awarded many playwriting, and excellence in theater management prizes, but he has also received awards for his contribution to the development of the Romanian sports media.


Andreea Mihaela Neagoe

Anca Neagoe is a 1999 graduate of the Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences, at the Bucharest University. A sociology specialist, she began her career in the penitentiary system as an education officer at the Colibaşi Penitentiary, in 2003. Since 2008, she has been working as a specialized officer in the Social Reintegration Division. She has supported the organizing team of the Theater Festival for Detainees since 2010.