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The Comedy of Errors

by William Shakespeare
Produced by the Northern Theater, Harag Gy├Ârgy Company,
Satu Mare

*for online tickets, you will be redirected to nottara.ro

Thursday, 18 October, 6 pm
Odeon Theater, Great Hall

by William Shakespeare

Directed by Bocsárdi László

Set design by Bartha József

Costumes by Kiss Zsuzsanna

Music by Benedek Zsolt

Running time: 2hrs 40 mins (one interval)

Focus on the Hungarian theater in România (in partnership with the Balassi Institute)

Produced by the Northern Theater, Harag György Company, Satu Mare

Comedy and tragedy are the two sides of the same coin: you choose how to view your own life, and if you do it from a certain distance, you will realize that your small dramas are nothing else but useless flounders.