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Mitică Popescu

by Camil Petrescu
Produced by Nottara Theatre, Bucharest


Saturday, October 12, 20.30
Nottara Theater, Horia Lovinescu Hall

Mitică Popescu by Camil Petrescu

Directed by Dan Tudor

Set design by Corina Grămoșteanu

Music by Vlaicu Golcea

Stage movement by Florin Fieroiu

Cast: Dan Tudor, Ada Navrot, Dani Popescu, Cristian Nicolaie, Raluca Tița, Daniela Minoiu, Ion Haiduc, Andreea Măcelaru Șofron, Mihai Marinescu, Mircea Teodorescu

Running time: 1 hr 40 mins (no interval)

Produced by Nottara Theater

Mitica is "the Bucharestian par excellence", I.L. Caragiale himself, the creator of this character with "off-colour humour", describes him. His moral physiognomy is that of the Bucharestian who appears to completely lack seriousness: a peerless boaster, a slacker, a slum philanderer and a poor joker. The author of this comedy is also Romanian from this part of the country. And he could never accept such a reputation of Mitica, whom he considers his true brother. He thinks Mitica is deliberately adopting vulgar manifestations, as a way to defend himself from life, just as some shy people act insolently and some old men become grumpy. The idea of the play is that people should not be judged based on their sayings, but on their deeds. 90 years after the premiere of Camil Petrescu's play, Nottara Theatre brings to the attention of the audience a new Mitica Popescu, a sensitive character, who is funny without ostentation.

Dan Tudor