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after Beaumarchais
Produced by Nottara Theatre, Bucharest


Sunday, October 13, 20.00
Nottara Theater, Horia Lovinescu Hall

Figaro, after Beaumarchais

Directed and translated by Mihai Lungeanu

Assistant Director: Alexandra Aga

Costumes by Liliana Cenean

Assistant Costumes: Maria Dore

Set design by Victor Diaconu

Choreography by Mălina Andrei

Music by Tibor Cári

Cast: Alexandru Repan, Ion Haiduc, Cristian Șofron, Dani Popescu, Isabela Neamțu, Ioana Calotă, Răzvan Bănică, Ada Navrot, Cristian Nicolaie, Mihaela Subțirică, Filip Ristovski, Vlad Gălățianu, Ciprian Chiricheș / Theodor Şoptelea

Running time: 2 hrs 10 mins (no interval)

Produced by Nottara Theater

Figaro, Count Almaviva's smart valet, wants to marry Suzanne, Countess Almaviva's maid. Bored with his marriage, the count decides to use his "droit du seigneur" and spend the nuptial night with the bride. He also tries to do everything he can to prevent the marriage. Therefore he asks for Marcelline's help, who wants, in return, to force Figaro to marry her, on account of some old unpaid debts. Meanwhile, Cherubin, the count's pageboy, is courting the gardener's daughter, Fanchette. But being in love with... love, he is also assiduously courting Countess Almaviva. The comedy is filled with amorous intrigues. Nothing is left out, from anonymous notes to unexpected couple dates or reversals of situation. In the end, with the Countess's complicity, the two servants overturn the Count's plans and everything ends well. The Wedding of Figaro is one of the most delightful plays written in the 18th century and one of the best known in the world theatrical repertory.