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Fat Pig (XXL)

by Neil LaBute
Produced by Nottara Theatre, Bucharest

Friday, October 18, 19.00
Nottara Theater, Horia Lovinescu Hall

Fat Pig

by Neil LaBute

Translated by: Irina Velcescu

Directed by: Cristi Juncu

Set design by: Cosmin Ardeleanu


Helen  – Raluca Tiţa

Tom  – Tudor Aaron Istodor

Carter – Vlad Zamfirescu

Jeannie  – Irina Velcescu

Produced by Nottara Theater, Bucharest 

The play is definitely a reflection of the American society and has been very popular with American stage companies. But luckily for me, it caught the attention of numerous artists in many other countries. Its title is often translated just as Gras, which I find it interesting. I think people are usually attracted by its subject in a way that goes beyond the context of the play. A forbidden relation often seems to them an explanation for any relationships they had themselves and failed, because of others or of the society that disapproved of it (and I mean for reasons such as race, colour, faith, sexual orientation etc.).

Neil LaBute