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Bună seara, domnule Wilde!

by Oscar Wilde
Produced by State Jewish Theatre, Bucharest

Wednesday, October 16, 20.00
State Jewish Theater, Bucharest

Good evening, Mr Wilde!, Musical by Eugen Mirea and Henry Mălineanu, after The Importance of Being Earnest? by Oscar Wilde

Directed by Andrei Măjeri

Set design by Irina Moscu

Costumes by Lucian Broscățean

Choreography by Attila Bordás

Assistant Music: Bogdan Lifșin

Video design: Andrei Cozlac

Light design: Cristian Petru

Assistant Costumes: Carmen Cherecheș

Cast: Maia Morgenstern / Arabela Neazi, Darius Daradici, Andrei Miercure,  Ionuț Grama, Lorena Luchian, Alexandra Murăruş, Geni Brenda Vexler / Viorica Bantaș, Mihai Prejban / Veaceslav Grosu, Nicolae Botezatu

Running time: 2 hrs 20 mins (1 interval)

Produced by State Jewish Theater, Bucharest


Good evening, Mr. Wilde! confirms Oscar Wilde's genius. The most delightful part of this morality play is the refined and pompous language that the author uses in some very elegant and comical scenes. His characters keep the aristocratic aura of the 19th century England. The play, with its idyllic-moralising notes, characteristic of Wilde, is recreated into a musical full of substance, based on the contemporary vision of the stage director Andrei Măjeri.