Word of General Mayor of Bucharest - FESTin pe Bulevard

Word of General Mayor of Bucharest

School does not train idiots!


The first edition of the International Theatre Festival Feast(in) the Boulevard took place in the autumn of 2013 and was dedicated to crises of all kinds.

We have changed the theme, although it is clearly more appropriate for the year 2014.

Could every period be complicated and the teachings of history forgotten on the spot? At least not long ago we forgave, but we did not forget. Now we race to forget, blinded by displays, window shops and other voids that have a fatal attraction on us.

Unfortunately, humanity seems to be getting ready to repeat the mistakes of the past. For a doctor, each death is a tragedy, even though politicians only consider it statistics.

We should wonder whether history was lost at school or whether school was lost in history, for good. Back in my day, history, and not school, trained idiots who would dance with cannons.

Life should go forward day by day, not century by century. And not at a military pace, but with its natural coordinates. We need harmony, emotion, a perpetual pursuit of inner balance, stemming from spirit, faith and love.

We can find such a heaven of serenity in the theatre hall.

The Nottara Theatre invites us, once again, to attend Feast(in) the Boulevard, with a new serious subject, chosen by the organisers: that of elections, of the generalised campaign, with and without school.

It will knock on our doors again this autumn. At least it won’t knock with cannons, but rather with a lot of… theatre.

So come to the theatre for hors d’oeuvres!

We need the mirror  of the theatre in order to understand ourselves better, ourselves and the world we live in!

PhD Professor Sorin Mircea Oprescu,

General Mayor of Bucharest