Argument - FESTin pe Bulevard


Theatre is not only for the elite of a society

(Theatre is for everybody)


Each festival should be a holiday for those who attend it. Our target is to make it a theatrical feast, not only for all those who appreciate us, but also for such people who still hesitate to do it.

Because we are not afraid of soap, we shall be offering you soap operas.

Since we don`t fear the crisis, we shall be offering you shows dealing with all kinds of crises (social, conjugal, political, sexual, identity crisis and so on).

Because our policy is that of the audience and only that, we invite you to laugh at… elections, asking yourselves with sour humor: “Who shall I vote for?”

Because theatre is not the prerogative of the elite, we have everything for everybody, striving not to yield too bad taste, vulgarity, triviality.

As suits a theatrical feast, the shows we are offering you will be sparkling, rousing peals of laughter or they will be cruel, powerful, with a philosophical undercurrent. There will be music, dance and, most of all, surprise we`ll come out with the street to greet you all with a glass of wine.

To cut a long story short we wait to show you our gratitude, inviting you to the celebration of the theatre, right there, in the street.

            Come and enjoy it!

Marinela Ţepuş,

Nottara Theatre Manager