Message from the Mayor of Bucharest - Shakespeare - FESTin pe Bulevard

Message from the Mayor of Bucharest - Shakespeare


Message from Her Excellency the Mayor of Bucharest

For FESTin on the Boulevard International Festival

In these times dominated by instant communication and the social media, it is my belief, both as city administrator and as woman of letters and cultural consumer, that the democratic access to culture is more necessary than ever.

By this, I do not mean any accepted deterioration of the artistic quality of the cultural product, but I do have in mind an increase in the target audience, both through financially supporting the cultural institutions’ accessibly priced tickets, and reversing the classical route of the spectator, who “goes to the theater”.  Which means both expanding the theater’s presence beyond the city center, towards its neighborhoods, and capitalize on other spaces than the traditional ones.

A festival is not merely a coherent and careful selection of rarely presented productions, but a whole range of related events, including street ones, meant to attract especially new audiences.

In the 21st century old habits have been rapidly eroded, and constantly reinventing oneself is the only solution to staying on a global and easily accessible market. That would be the short answer to the potential question: why would a well established theater need its own festival?

I wish best of luck to Nottara Theater’s Festival, and I am fully convinced that the Capital’s inhabitants and guests will have a chance to enjoy a real feast!


Gabriela Firea

General Mayor of Bucharest