Manager Teatrul Naţional Marin Sorescu Craiova - FESTin pe Bulevard

Manager Teatrul Naţional Marin Sorescu Craiova


Alexandru Boureanu

Since 2013, thanks to the dynamic personality of Marinela Ţepuş, FEST(in) on the Boulevard has become synonymous with the comedy and humor festival, in times of ...crisis. People can resist such times by resorting to laughter, that sound laughter, which has always been a menace to totalitarian regimes. Laughter defies people’s ill natured, nervous, and bad tempered moods, which are generated by this turbid time of ours. When people get together in order to exorcise the evil through laughter and humor, they send the message that true art’s invitation to tolerance and dialogue may provide the necessary balance in society.

In 2018, hundreds of artists, and tens of prestigious Romanian and foreign companies have conquered Bucharest, and have plunged the city’s streets and halls into that joyful and sane joie de vivre that we should value as a contagious way of life in these times of ours.  

That is why we were very satisfied with the collaboration between our Marin Sorescu National Theater and Shakespeare International Festival, on one side, and Nottara Theater, on the other. The theater in Bucharest hosted five of the foreign productions that were included in this year’s edition of the festival in Craiova.

In 2017, Nottara Theater celebrated its 70 anniversary.  On this special occasion in the life of this important Romanian theater, let me once again congratulate the management team, and the wonderful Nottara actors, who are building the present, and thus consolidating the future of Romanian theater. 

Alexandru Boureanu