Gabriela Firea - Message from the Mayor of Bucharest - FESTin pe Bulevard

Gabriela Firea - Message from the Mayor of Bucharest


Message from Her Excellency the Mayor of Bucharest

For FESTin on the Boulevard International Festival

This year we are celebrating Romania’s Great Union Centennial with a twofold objective: paying homage to our predecessors who, a hundred years ago, laid the foundations of modern Romania, and bringing the Romanian people together and making them feel united.

By its very nature, theater brings people together, and it also provides them with an opportunity to send the divisive issues into oblivion, even if it is for a short while. Theater boosts the actors and the audience’s desire to share their good and bright sides. Both the artistic endeavor and the public’s applauses undeniably prove that we can be better human beings.

I salute Nottara Theater’s initiative to open its doors to the public, in an even more generous way than it usually does, by offering a priceless festival, a real cultural feast, an important piece in this gigantic puzzle composed of all the theater institutions financed by the City Hall.

I wish best of luck to all the people working for Nottara Theater’s festival, as I am sure that Bucharest’s inhabitants and guests will savor all the productions included in this anniversary year’s FEST(in) on the Boulevard program.


Gabriela Firea

General Mayor of Bucharest