Founding Director of the International Shakespeare Festival - FESTin pe Bulevard

Founding Director of the International Shakespeare Festival


Emil Boroghină

I have carefully watched Nottara Theater’s activities in the last few years, because I fully appreciate Director Marinela Ţepuş’s managerial skills.

That is why, in pursuit of more visibility for my endeavors in Craiova, when confronted with the possibility to choose, I decided to collaborate with Marinela Ţepuş and Nottara Theater.

Everything started with a few of my recitals, which resurfaced after my almost twenty five years of silence as an actor. Hosted in the Theater’s George Constantin and  Horia Lovinescu Halls, they led to a partnership between Nottara Theater and Marin Sorescu National Theater. Both institutions supported the major Project dedicated to Romania’s Centennial Anniversary, which has been presented in Alba Iulia, Bucharest, Craiova, Paris, Brussels, the Hague, Vienna and Chişinău, with future plans till the end of this year, for Stockholm, Tel Aviv, Cernăuţi, Bălţi, and Cahul,.

I think the ultimate proof of the confidence I was talking about in the beginning was the choice I made, together with His Excellency, the Ambassador of Great Britain in Bucharest, Mr. Paul Brummell, and the Director of the British Council in Romania, Mr. Nigel Bellingham, to nominate Nottara Theater as the organizer of the closing ceremonies of the Shakespeare 400 Year in Romania. In December 2016, Horia Lovinescu Hall played host to the extraordinary recital of the great British actor Michael Pennington, famous for his Hamlet in Royal Shakespeare Company’s production in the early 80s. This role has placed him among the greatest actors who have played Hamlet in history; a ranking which I’m proud to say also includes Ion Caramitru at the top.    

I think our good collaboration with Nottara Theater has reached its highest expression in the resumption, after a four-year break, of the project that allowed the public in Bucharest to see the productions included in the program of the International Shakespeare Festival in Craiova. This section in Bucharest was organized and hosted by Nottara Theater, which has thus honored its status as an important and historical cultural institution.

We do hope that, starting in 2020, the support offered by Bucharest City Hall, its Council General and Madam the Mayor personally, will cover the costs of the great productions that we intend to bring to the Capital City. They need stages that are larger than that of Nottara Theater, which in spring played host to Planet Shakespeare’s six productions from Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, and America.

It was an honor to have had our Shakespeare Festival as a special guest of FEST(in) on the Boulevard Festival. It is my belief that our future collaboration with Nottara Theater will enrich this very special theatrical event.

This year’s edition is valuable and full of exciting events, and we are looking forward to seeing FEST(in) on the Boulevard grow and acquire its own profile, as an important cultural endeavor.

Emil Boroghină

Founding Director of the International Shakespeare Festival

Vice-president of Shakespeare Festivals European Network