Emil Boroghină - Founding Director of Shakespeare International Festival - FESTin pe Bulevard

Emil Boroghină - Founding Director of Shakespeare International Festival

Fest(in) on the Boulevard
and Nottara Theatre family

Faith gave me the chance, during the last 30 years, to gain a certain experience with artistic festivals. First of all, it has been enriched through numerous participations with the performances of National Theatre in Craiova, mostly directed by Silviu Purcărete, to full-scale cultural manifestations all around the world. We can state that National Theatre in Craiova has written history for Romanian theatre, going for the first time to festivals our theatres had only been dreaming about and which seemed unreachable. Shortly after that, in 1994, we organized Shakespeare Festival, which has grown in value from one edition to another. It was labelled as one of the most important Shakespeare Festivals in the whole world, and they are not few. Some of the participants from abroad, world-renowned theatre critics and experts in Shakespeare, even consider it to be the most important.

At the risk of seeming to lack modesty, I can state that I have learned that when a festival means something, it is a major cultural act or it remains a significant meeting only for the local community where it takes place.

I have also learned that what matters most is not the scale of the event or its numbers, but its quality. Therefore, I take the liberty to assert that in the landscape of Romanian theatre, among the festivals organized in the country, Fest(in) on the Boulevard has gained the right to be considered a festival bearing a unique personality, a real and competitive festival.

I have to say I was impressed by the care Marinela Ţepuş, Nottara Theatre and Festival manager, a person I deeply admire, shows towards artistic personalities, theatre professionals, not only from the Capital city, but also from out of town. She constantly cultivates a close relationship with them, inviting them every year, in order for them to witness the growth of the Festival. Many of them are even actively involved in Fest(in)’s organization, within the events or being part of the jury. I was as impressed to see how much it matters for Marinela Ţepuş and Nottara Theatre the deepened relationship with Romanian theatres in Bessarabia, serving as a wonderful example in this respect for us all.

Fest(in) on the Boulevard is an artistic manifestation of high value and, in the same time, a real celebration, with its special atmosphere of fulfilment and joy, which is due to all those who run this theatre’s destinies, but also to all the others, seen or unseen, who can rightly be named not just Nottara Theatre team, but NOTTARA THEATRE FAMILIY…


Emil Boroghină,

  Founding Director of Shakespeare International Festival

   President of Fest(in) on the Boulevard jury