"Nottara" Theatre - FESTin pe Bulevard

"Nottara" Theatre

Situated on Magheru Boulevard, in a vibrant area located in the center of Romania’s capital, Nottara Theater was founded in 1947. Originally the Army Theater, it was named after the famous Romanian actor Constantin Nottara in 1960. Its manager at the time was another prestigious Romanian actor, George Vraca, who died in 1964 and was followed in the managerial seat by playwright Horia Lovinescu.

Over the years Nottara Theater has built its profile as a repertory institution, with a distinct personality, which has attracted a faithful audience, thanks to its valuable artistic troupe. True to its popularity, Nottara Theater has managed to keep a balance between entertainment and drama of ideas, between liberating laughter and severe existential problems, with its 370 titles from the Romanian and world dramatic literature, staged in its over 60 years of existence.

Currently Nottara Theater is functioning as a permanent company with an artistic team of 35 hired actors and a technical and administrative crew of around 100 members, who all together cover the production of at least 15 titles per season.

Since 2013 Nottara Theater has clarified a little bit the contours of its image, against the cultural background of  Bucharest, with an offer of quality boulevard comedies (in Horia Lovinescu Hall) and experimental, elitist productions that target a young audience (in George Constatin Hall).